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Movement is the best medicine. But moving can be difficult when your joints hurt. Your Exercise Solution (YES) is a resource to help you create a physical activity routine — based on your specific needs and ability level — with modifications developed and approved by physical therapists.

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Use the library of YES exercise videos on the Arthritis Foundation's YouTube channel to create customized, safe and effective workouts with joint-specific modifications developed and approved by physical therapists.

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Tips to Safe and Successful Stretching:

  • Stretch just until you feel gentle pulling in your muscles, then hold the stretch.
  • The stretch shouldn’t be painful.
  • Stretch gently and smoothly. Do not bounce. 
  • Breathe naturally as you hold the stretch. Don’t hold your breath. 
  • Repeat stretches as needed, slowly increasing their depth over time. 


Tips to Safely and Successfully Use Resistance Bands:

  • Use a resistance band or tube with foam handles. They’re easier to grip.
  • Or add foam pipe insulation to bands or tubes to create handles.
  • Handles not an option? Opt for resistance tubes. They’re gentler on hands. 
  • Resistance tubes and bands come in many lengths and resistance levels. Don’t rely on their color to gauge these factors. Manufacturers use different colors to indicate them.
  • Try different ones to find the best fit.
  • The last few reps in a set should be difficult, but not impossible. 
Pamela Massey

Remembering Pamela Massey

As a physical therapist, Pamela Massey’s service to the arthritis community spanned every level of patient support.

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Remembering Pamela Massey

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Physical Activity Podcasts

Tune in to the Live Yes! With Arthritis Podcast to hear top experts discuss a variety of fitness topics — from the benefits of tai chi and yoga to real-world strategies for staying motivated.

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Physical Activity Webinars

Get fitness experts’ advice, tips and modifications to make your workouts work best for you. Watch the educational webinars now to learn how to be physically active without harming your joints.

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Your Exercise Solution Partners

Our YES exercise videos were made possible by generous donations to the Pamela Massey Patient Partner Resources Fund, the American Physical Therapy Association and Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel.

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Before you customize a physical activity routine that’s just right for you, download the e-book: A Guide to Happy Feet. Learn ways to protect your feet, what to look for in shoe choices and more. It’s the first step to getting and staying active.