Physical Activity

Sometimes movement is the best medicine. Get moving with expert tips and learn strategies to help you stay motivated, even on painful days with arthritis.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

Feet and/or ankle joints are among the most challenging areas to have arthritis. It can make any activity painful and difficult — and if you’re athletic or very active, you’re at higher risk of developing it. At worst, foot arthritis can be debilitating. The good news is there are more treatment options available today than ever before. Dan Cushman, MD, joins us for this episode to discuss causes and nonsurgical treatments for foot and ankle arthritis, such as corticosteroid shots and rehabilitation exercise.

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Ep43_Yoga_Web-Graphic-420x420.jpgMindful Movement Part 2 | Yoga for Arthritis

Combining the low-impact movements of yoga with mindfulness provides both physical and mental benefits for people living with arthritis. Learn more in this discussion with Steffany Moonaz, PhD, creator of Yoga for Arthritis.

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Mindful Movement Part 1 | Tai Chi

Listen to Dr. Paul Lam, a global leader in tai chi for health and creator of the Tai Chi for Arthritis program, explain how the slow, controlled, mindful movements in tai chi provide physical and mental benefits for people with arthritis.

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Keep Moving at Home

Disruption from regular routines can create hurdles to keep moving. Learn clever tips and insights on how to stay physically active from the safety of your home and neighborhood. The rewards are worth your efforts. 

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Benefits of Walking

Learn how walking can help  relieve arthritis pain, improve range of motion and increase strength. You’ll also get tips on how to create a walking routine you can stick with, suited to your own limitations and pace. 

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Getting Started With Exercise 

Learn about ways to start or restart everyday movement that is good for your body and abilities, including how to work movement into your normal routines, finding the right trainer and what to look for in a gym. 

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