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Arthritis can make having and raising a healthy family a unique challenge — and uniquely rewarding. Find out how to improve your chances of having a healthy baby, while protecting your own health.

Having autoimmune inflammatory arthritis or a related condition may have thrown a wrench in your dreams of having a family. The disease itself, related conditions and the medications to treat them can pose risks to having a healthy baby. But plenty of people with arthritis do have happy, healthy families. Learn what you can do to minimize the risks.


of women or more with a rheumatic disease don’t get medical advice before pregnancy.

12 Months

or more is how long it can take for women with RA to become pregnant in up to 42% of cases.

3-6 Months

of well managed arthritis improves the chances for a healthy pregnancy.

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Tips for Coping With Pregnancy & Arthritis

When you’re pregnant with arthritis, you may face a new set of challenges, both physically and mentally. Get some insights and advice from one mother who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

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Our trained staff — including a Spanish-speaking expert — understand arthritis and are available by phone or web chat 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday. Available times on holidays may vary.

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Parenting With Arthritis

Meet and share experiences with other parents living with arthritis in our virtual Connect Group. You’ll have a chance to learn, exchange advice and have fun through this peer-led support group.

Sex and Intimacy with Arthritis Podcast

Overcoming challenges with physical intimacy is an important part of romantic relationships. Learn how to improve intimacy in and out of the bedroom in this episode.

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