Annual Reports

Celebrate the Foundation's 75th anniversary with us! In this 2022 Annual Report, you’ll read about the progress made over 75 years toward empowering people with arthritis to take control of their disease and live their best life. For 75 years, we’ve been the leader in bringing arthritis out of the shadows. We’ve been a key contributor to arthritis advancements, from joint replacement improvements to the development of biologics and more recently biosimilars. Our legion of volunteer Arthritis Advocates is helping move the needle in health care reform. There are more programs and resources available than ever before.

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In our 2021 Annual Report, you’ll read about the exciting initiatives we started or continued in our quest to conquer arthritis. Read stories about Champions of Yes who have made great strides in their personal fight against arthritis and how the Arthritis Foundation has helped. And see the groundbreaking solutions the whole arthritis community is helping make possible. Our journey together continues. Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come and where we’re going.

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In this 2020 Annual Report, we show how the entire arthritis community challenged the pandemic's obstacles, to keep our vital work going strong. The commitment and actions of dedicated Arthritis Foundation volunteers made sure we stayed on track. Read their stories. And celebrate how far we’ve gone, despite a very difficult year, to change the future of arthritis.

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In this 2019 Annual Report, we highlight the Live Yes! INSIGHTS study, one of the largest of its kind. Data validates what we’ve been hearing from people with arthritis for over seven decades. Every day, we’re learning even more about how arthritis affects so many Americans in every way. These unprecedented findings will help change the future of arthritis.

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2018 annual reportIn the 2018 Annual Report, read stories of our Arthritis Warriors and how they have connected with us. We are connecting people with arthritis to their best life at every age and every stage. In 2018, we brought the Live Yes! Arthritis Network to life. Both in person and online, the arthritis community is coming together like never before.

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2017 Annual ReportIn this 2017 Annual Report, we take you from the past to the present and into the future. Through 70 years of distinguished service to the arthritis community, our influence and impact have been far-reaching and unstoppable. There are still tough challenges to tackle. But as always, we’re forging promising, new paths to help conquer them. And we won’t let anything get in our way.

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