Ease of Use Certification Program

The Ease of Use program recognizes arthritis-friendly products made with you in mind. Independently tested, products that have earned this special seal are proven to make everyday tasks easier for people living with arthritis.

Program Purpose

To test and certify products/package designs that are easier to use for people with arthritis and debilitating limitations due to pain. 


Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.


Adults living with arthritis in the U.S


Children living with arthritis in the U.S.

Product Testing

Products being considered for the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Certification are first independently tested by the Intuitive Design Applied Research Institute (IDARI). The methodology for testing is based on the Accessibility Evaluation Methodology first developed by Dr. Brad Fain at the Georgia Institute of Technology to evaluate product and services under the Federal technical requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 508).  Section 508 requires that Federal agencies consider the needs of people with disabilities in the procurement of technologies such as copiers, computers, and web sites.  Dr. Fain has a 20- year history of testing products and advising companies on how to design products to meet the needs of people with disabilities.  The testing process includes both a lab-based evaluation of the functional abilities required to open the packaging and use the product as well as a human performance-based assessment with eight research participants to determine real-world ease of use. .Once the evaluation report has been finalized, the product receives a Pass or Fail (IDARI highlights key ease of use issues and potential design solutions) rating.  Companies receiving a Pass rating on their products have the opportunity to license the Ease of Use Certification with the Arthritis Foundation. 


Once you have a product or package designed for consumers' ease of use, you can apply for the Ease of Use testing process.


IDARI will provide a complete final report on the test process with a PASS or FAIL. If the results are PASS you can move to the certification process. If FAIL, IDARI will provide some design suggestions which if implemented, product can be retested. 


Once a PASS report has been received on the product/package design the Arthritis Foundation will work with the company to contract a license for the Ease of Use Certification.

Obtain the Ease of Use Certification License

Once a product/package has earned a PASS from IDARI, the Arthritis Foundation will work with your company to contract for the Ease of Use license.
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How Do Products Earn the Seal?

Being granted an Ease of Use seal means a product has earned a favorable rating from IDARI and meets the following criteria:

  • A PASS rating was given on all checklist evaluations.
  • At least five of the eight testers were able to use the product with little or no difficulty.
  • No more than one of eight participants experienced great difficulty using the product.

Easy to use products are important to all consumers, when a product is easy to use for someone with
arthritis, it will improve the experience for everyone. 

Dr. Brad Fain, PhD – Owner, IDARI & Principal RS Georgia Institute Technology
Finding Arthritis-Friendly Products
Looking for more arthritis-friendly products?
In addition to purchasing Ease of Use Certified products, keep the following tips in mind as you look for easier to use products. 
Be Selective

Are there tasks you find difficult or that interfere with your independence? Seek out products that can make these everyday tasks easier.

Choose Texture

Products that offer better grip can be easier for people with arthritis to use. Choose tools with rubberized, bumpy handles, or drinking classes with textured exteriors for easier grasping.

Go Minimal

Products that require a lot of maintenance or cleaning will add to your to-do list. Choose products that are easily maintained to avoid added strain on your joints.

Think Safety

Choose products that are easy to use and that can keep you and your joints safe.

Tread Lightly

Lightweight items, especially those deigned for cooking and cleaning, can be easier on your joints. Heavy pots and cumbersome cleaning tools can strain your joints and cause unnecessary pain.

Open Wide

Products that are difficult to grasp or require twisting with your fingers to open and close should be avoided. Instead, look for products with flip-top caps and larger, easy-to-open lids. When it comes to clothing and accessories, opt for zippers over buttons.

Choose Comfort

Items comfortable to wear, carry or operate can help alleviate joint pain. Wear loose clothing and choose garments that are easy to put on and take off.

Go Minimal

Products that are simple and practical are usually easier to operate than fancy gadgets with intricate pieces. 

Stay Close

Choose products that can be carried close to your body. This can help reduce pressure on your arms, hands and back.

Seal It

Products that feature the Ease of Use seal are proven to put less strain on your joints. Choose these items to ensure you’re buying tested and trusted arthritis-friendly products.