Core Exercises

Whip your core into shape to support nearly every move you make with these simple yet effective exercises. 

Before attempting these exercises, please see below for tips on how to safely stretch.

Side-Bend Stretch

Maintain spine flexibility and stretch your obliques and lower back with the side-bend stretch. Stretch slowly, just until you feel a gentle stretch in your muscles. Gradually increase the depth of the stretch over time.

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Isometric Abs

The isometric abs exercise is a simple and safe way to build upper and middle ab strength. 

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Bridge With Leg Extension Progression

Strengthen your lower back, abs, glutes and hamstrings by following these step-by-step directions for a bridge with leg extension.  

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Dead Bug


Work your abs, arms and legs with the dead bug exercise.

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Seated Crunch

Learn how to do a simple seated abdominal crunch to strengthen your abs.

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Strengthen your abs and obliques with a bicycle exercise.
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Oblique-Crossover Crunch

Learn how to do an effective oblique-crossover crunch to strengthen your abs.

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Modified Plank With Progression

A modified plank is effective at strengthening your front and underlying abs.

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Superman Trunk Raise With Progression

Strengthen your back and spine with the superman trunk raise exercise.

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Hip Hinge

Work your core and hip flexors with this simple hip hinge exercise.
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Try these jacks – without the jump — to improve your flexibility.

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Trunk Rotation

Prevent a stiff back by maintaining your range of motion with this trunk rotation exercise.

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Shoulder Exercises

Use these moves and modifications to safely keep your shoulders strong and flexible.
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YES Fitness Videos

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Tips to Safe and Successful Stretching: 

  • Stretch just until you feel gentle pulling in your muscles, then hold the stretch in that position.
  • The stretch shouldn’t be painful.
  • Stretch gently and smoothly. Do not bounce. 
  • Breathe naturally as you hold the stretches. Don’t hold your breath. 
  • Repeat the stretches as needed, slowly increasing the depth of the stretch over time.