Arm Exercises

Keep your arms strong and limber with these simple but effective moves.

Before attempting these exercises, please see below for tips on how to safely stretch and use resistance bands.

Chest-and-Arm Stretch

Chest and arms tight? Get a great stretch and improve posture with this chest-and-arm stretch exercise. Stretch slowly, just until you feel a gentle stretch in your muscles. Gradually increase the depth of the stretch over time.
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Triceps Press Stretch

Learn how to stretch the back of the arms and shoulders using this triceps press stretch. Stretch slowly, just until you feel a gentle stretch in your muscles. Gradually increase the depth of the stretch over time.

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Dead Bug


Work your abs, arms and legs with the dead bug exercise.

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Get some cardio while you improve your range of motion with this seated march.

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Try these jacks – without the jump — to improve your flexibility.

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Biceps Curl With Resistance Band

The basic biceps curl can strengthen and help tone your arms in no time.

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Reverse Fly With Resistance Band

This reverse fly is a challenging but effective way to strengthen your upper back, shoulder and arm muscles. 

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Row With Resistance Band

This row exercise with resistance band is an excellent way to strengthen your shoulders, chest and back and improve your posture.

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Triceps Extension With Resistance Band

Strengthen, stretch and tone your triceps and other arm muscles with this triceps extension exercise.

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Shadow Boxing With Resistance Band

Step-by-step instructions for a simple but effective shadow boxing exercise that will strengthen your shoulders and triceps.

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Chest Exercises

Strengthen your chest and retain your range of motion in your upper torso with a few key moves.
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YES Fitness Videos

Your Exercise Solution (YES) is your resource for fitness videos to help you create a physical activity routine — based on your specific needs and ability level — with modifications developed and approved by physical therapists.
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Take the First Step to Get Moving

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Tips to Safe and Successful Stretching:

  • Stretch just until you feel gentle pulling in your muscles, then hold the stretch.
  • The stretch shouldn’t be painful.
  • Stretch gently and smoothly. Do not bounce. 
  • Breathe naturally as you hold the stretch. Don’t hold your breath. 
  • Repeat stretches as needed, slowly increasing their depth over time. 


Tips to Safely and Successfully Use Resistance Bands:

  • Use a resistance band or tube with foam handles. They’re easier to grip.
  • Or add foam pipe insulation to bands or tubes to create handles.
  • Handles not an option? Opt for resistance tubes. They’re gentler on hands. 
  • Resistance tubes and bands come in many lengths and resistance levels. Don’t rely on their color to gauge these factors. Manufacturers use different colors to indicate them.
  • Try different ones to find the best fit.
  • The last few reps in a set should be difficult, but not impossible.