Biofreeze is the Proud Partner of the Pain Toolkit of the Arthritis Foundation. The Pain Toolkit will assist patients to understand the physical and lifestyle factors contributing to their pain. Patients will learn practical tips for creating and enacting a personalized pain management plan that will break the vicious cycle of pain, stress, fatigue, sleep problems and more pain. Through this customized partnership, Biofreeze makes it possible for the Foundation to serve the more than 50 million Americans with arthritis through research, community-based programs and advocacy.

The Arthritis Foundation has invested more than 380 million on research to support more than 2,200 scientists, physicians and health professionals involved in cutting-edge arthritis research. During the current research year we have awarded 179 grants, including 69 new and 110 continuing grants to researchers in over 100 academic institutions.

Community-Based Programs and Services
Proud Partner support allows the Arthritis Foundation to provide programs and services to people in communities across the nation. With Arthritis Foundation programs, you can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and boost your mood and self-confidence. Taught by nationally certified instructors, the Arthritis Foundation’s Life Improvement Series empowers people with arthritis through aquatic, exercise and self-help programs that are proven to increase mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, and physician visits.

The Arthritis Foundation has a nationwide network of thousands of grassroots advocates committed to influencing positive changes in their lives, their communities and in their elected governments by making their personal stories and opinions known.