Community Impact

Our local and national Community Impact partners help us provide disease-management resources and other support to under-served populations challenged by arthritis.

Community Impact partners are local and national nonprofits, academic institutions, health care provider associations and systems, and public health organizations that align with the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to serve patients and strengthen the arthritis community. They support solutions for arthritis-related challenges. 
Disabled American Veterans of Massachusetts
They assist with filing claims, transportation, housing and community volunteer opportunities. Additionally, in collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation, they increase awareness, provide educational opportunities focused on patients and offer access to arthritis resources. Together, we conduct various activities, including educational webinars and monthly newsletters and distribute handouts specific to military personnel and veterans.  
Prince George County Park and RecreationPrince George County Parks and Recreation
Their mission is to offer a wide range of park and recreation programs, facilities and services that cater to the needs of communities in the county and promote healthy lifestyles. In partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, they provide essential resources for people living with arthritis, such as the Walk With Ease program, Fit and Strong and various patient education opportunities covering topics like pain management and inflammatory arthritis.   
Eskenazi Hospital
It serves as the public hospital division of the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County. In collaboration with the Mexican Consulate and Marion University Medical School, the hospital provides short educational classes in English and Spanish to individuals who visit the consulate for services. These classes cover general topics related to arthritis and provide resources to those in need.  
American Physical Therapy Association
The Arthritis Foundation and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) collaborate to improve lives through physical therapy for arthritis. By developing educational resources like Your Exercise Solution, advocating for easier access to PT and raising public awareness, we work together to make physical therapy a key part of managing arthritis and improving patients’ quality of life.  
National Association of Chronic Disease Directors
We partner with organizations like the NACDD, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to share evidence-based programs. This collaboration helps public health agencies implement Walk With Ease in their communities, ultimately improving the lives of people with arthritis.   
Osteoarthritis Action Alliance
The Arthritis Foundation joined forces with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (OAAA) to elevate osteoarthritis as a public health concern. Together, we raise awareness, advocate for prioritizing OA initiatives and implement proven programs like Walk With Ease. This collaborative approach equips public health sectors with valuable resources to improve the lives of individuals living with OA.   

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To learn more about existing partnership opportunities or discuss new ways to raise awareness and support for the Foundation’s mission, please reach out to us. All partnerships are customized based on company needs, objectives and funding commitments.

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