Meet Arthritis@Work

What if you could increase your employee wellness goals while improving your bottom line? With Arthritis@Work, you can.

It may sound unbelievable, but 1 in 4 of your employees is living with arthritis. They're working through debilitating pain that makes everyday tasks a challenge, from typing and sitting at a desk to getting ready for the workday or traveling. Equally concerning, the vast majority of these employees regularly feel depressed, anxious and alone.

Although not often recognized as a serious issue by many employers, arthritis is the second largest driver of employee health care costs and is responsible for 172 million lost workdays and $304 billion in medical costs and lost earnings each year.

We consistently hear that employees with arthritis need greater understanding and support from their employers to be successful, yet many companies currently lack ways to support these employees.

Arthritis@Work is a free program that offers turnkey tools and resources to support your employees with arthritis as part of your existing corporate wellness program. It's a win-win way to protect your bottom line by caring for the people who care for your business.

How you benefit

You’ll get free support for your employees, including a co-branded webpage, virtual and in-person support groups, quarterly webinars and more.

How it works

You’ll receive a custom URL to share tools and resources with your employees. Plus a communications toolkit to promote the program. There are no additional costs or platforms to worry about.

Why Arthritis@Work?

Arthritis@Work provides free turnkey tools to support your 1 in 4 employees with arthritis as part of your existing corporate wellness program, including a how-to guide for managers.

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Learn more about how Arthritis@Work can support your employees and business goals. A member of our Arthritis Foundation team will contact you.

Ease of Use

We have tested and certified products and packaging that can make life easier for people living with arthritis. Explore joint protection accessories, easier-to-grip tools and other products.

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Get Involved

There are dozens of ways to get involved with the Arthritis Foundation and be part of our caring community. Be a volunteer. You’ll make a big difference whatever you choose.

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How It Hurts Report

Pain is the major challenge people with arthritis face. This report sheds light on what arthritis patients experience, from impaired physical function to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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