iPeer 2 Peer

We know teens have a lot to think about – school, hobbies, friends and family. Adding medication, doctor’s appointments and pain to the mix just makes being a teen more difficult. Our iPeer2Peer program gives teens the support they need by pairing them with young adult mentors with juvenile arthritis who know what it’s like.

Here's how it works

Step 1

You submit an application (including physician form) to be a mentee

Step 2

An Arthritis Foundation employee will read your application and pair you with the perfect mentor for your needs.

Step 3

A mentor is assigned to you. Mentors are young adults who have lived their childhood and teens with arthritis and know exactly how hard it can be.

Step 4

Mentors and mentees will speak via video calls that last approximately 20-30 minutes and will connect at least six times over the course of three months.

Watch iPeer2Peer in action

“Thank you for the iPeer2Peer program! This has been such a difficult time for my son, and he was just so happy to talk to his peer mentor the other night! He was so hesitant about the experience and very unsure, but the initial conversation apparently went very well; he got off the phone so excited! It is so nice to have someone who understands him, and he can chat with about his issues and daily experiences learning to live with his JA. “ 

Ella, JA Parent

“My (iPeer2Peer) mentor has helped me through so many challenges with my arthritis. She has helped me find light in the situation, rather than the negatives. She has also listened to me and given me so much useful feedback regarding my issues. All the feedback she has given me has helped so very much! After talking to my mentor, I feel she has definitely helped me learn to take control of my arthritis.”

Teen Mentee

Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors are young adults, ages 18-25, with juvenile arthritis or related rheumatic diseases, who have been trained to serve as iPeer2Peer mentors. These young adult volunteers have a proven track record in their own disease management and in their ability to serve as a positive role model for teens needing additional help and support. 

The Arthritis Foundation takes every precaution to ensure the safety of participants in programming. All Mentor volunteers have formally applied; interviewed with Arthritis Foundation lead staff and volunteers, have completed 2-days of training, and passed a federal background check.

iPeer2Peer is an evidenced-based program proven to improve self-management skills and increase the effectiveness of coping efforts in youth with juvenile arthritis.

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