Volunteer Committee Resources

Walk to Cure Arthritis relies heavily on local volunteers to make each event a success. There are day-of-event volunteer opportunities as well as longer term event committee positions.

Committee Member Tools

Are you already involved in your local Walk to Cure Arthritis committee? Use these downloadable tools and resources to enhance your committee activities.

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Team Captain Tools

Thank you for displaying your commitment to curing arthritis by volunteering as a Walk to Cure Arthritis Team Captain. As team captain you are the point person for your passionate group of individuals. 

Here are some tools and resources to help you motivate your team and achieve your fundraising goals. 

WTCA Committee Positions

Local Event Chair Resources

The Event Chair is responsible for managing both the event committee and the event itself. As Event Chair, it is recommended that you also read the additional committee member's sections and download their training materials, as well.

Logistics Chair Resources

The Logistics Chair is responsible for ensuring all local event day logistics are planned, coordinated and implemented effectively.

Sponsorship Chair Resources

The Sponsorship Chair is responsible for identifying and recruiting cash or in-kind sponsors in the community for the local Walk to Cure Arthritis event

Corporate Chair Resources

The Corporate Chair is responsible for developing local corporate involvement through new team recruitment and sponsorships. 

Team Development Chair Resources

The Team Development Chair is responsible for leading the committee in recruiting and retaining Team Captains and team members from the community.

Marketing & PR Chair Resources

The Marketing & PR Chair is responsible for increasing media coverage, awareness and brand identity of the local Walk to Cure Arthritis event and the Arthritis Foundation.

Mission & Advocacy Chair Resources

The Mission & Advocacy Chair is responsible for leading volunteers in mission awareness, mission delivery and advocacy at the local Walk to Cure Arthritis event. 

Your market opportunities

Learn what's available in your local market.

To learn more about what opportunities are available for you, please connect with your nearest Arthritis Foundation office. 

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