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  • What is the Health Tracker?

    Living with arthritis can be an experience of unpredictable days and unexpected changes. If you live with a rheumatic disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, gout, fibromyalgia or polymyalgia rheumatica, tracking information about your symptoms and general wellbeing is an important way to proactively manage your disease and understand how it’s affecting your life.

    Some important areas you can track include your:

         ✓ Ability to easily perform tasks of daily living
         ✓ Pain levels
         ✓ Sleep patterns
         ✓ Emotional health (feelings of stress, anxiety or depression)

    Gathering this information and discussing it with your doctor can help determine if your condition is improving or worsening, as you work together to develop your customized treatment plan.

    How Does the Tracker Work?

    You’ll answer a series of questions that capture information about you in three areas:

    1. Functional status (physical function)
    2. Pain level
    3. Overall feeling of wellbeing

    The questions are based on the RAPID-3© assessment commonly used by rheumatologists. You’ll provide your doctor with important information not available from blood tests, X-rays or any source other than you.

    Based on your responses, a RAPID-3© score is calculated. You’ll be able to track your scores each week and develop a chart that you can take to your appointments. It’ll help your doctor assess if your condition is improving or worsening over time. Then together, you can make the best decisions about your treatment plan.

    Before You Start Using the Assessment Tool

    Step 1: Download the summary tracking spreadsheet (on the right) and save it on your computer desktop. This will allow you to add your weekly RAPID-3© score and print as many sheets as you need.

    Step 2: Choose a start date. Think about which day of the week you are most likely to have the time and desire to reflect on the past seven days and assess your health and abilities. You might want to start on a Monday so you can complete the weekly tracker on Sunday evenings as you mentally prepare for the week ahead.

    Step 3: (Optional): Sign up for reminders to track your weekly RAPID-3© score so you have a historical set of numbers to discuss with your physician!

    Now click on the Get Started button below to begin the RAPID-3© online questionnaire!

  • 1

    Functional Status

    For each question, choose the number that applies to your abilities. For example, if you feel that you were able to dress yourself without any difficulty, choose the number 0 that falls under that category. Answer each question to the best of your ability.

    Although the answers to questions K-M are informative for you and your health care provider, this tool will only include the scores from questions A-J (highlighted in yellow) to calculate your total score for this section.

    Move the slider to the number which best describes your abilities at this time.

    0 = Without ANY Difficulty 1 = With SOME Difficulty2 = With MUCH Difficulty 3 = UNABLE To Do

    A.Dress yourself, including tying your shoelaces and doing buttons?
    B.Get in and out of bed?
    C.Lift a full cup or glass to your mouth?
    D.Walk outdoors on flat ground
    E.Wash and dry your entire body?
    F.Bend down to pick up clothing from the floor?
    G.Turn regular faucets on and off?
    H.Get in and out of a car, bus, train, or airplane?
    I.Walk two miles or three kilometers, if you wish?
    J.Participate in recreational activities and sports as you would like, if you wish?
    K.Get a good night's sleep?
    L.Deal with feelings of anxiety or being nervous?
    M.Deal with feelings of depression or feeling blue?
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  • 2

    Pain Level

    How much pain have you had because of your condition OVER THE PAST WEEK?

    Please indicate below how severe your pain has been.

    0 = No Pain 10 = Pain as bad as it could be

    Pain As
    Bad As It
    Could Be

    Overall Feeling of Well-being

    Considering all the ways in which illness and health conditions may affect you at this time, please indicate below how you are doing.

    Please indicate below how you are doing overall.

    0 = Very Well 10 = Very Poorly

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  • Results

    The three numbers from each section are added to find your RAPID-3© score.

    To make the most use of this tool, don't forget to use the form to the right to download the longitudinal tracking sheet and sign up for reminders to track your RAPID-3© score so you have a historical set of numbers to assess with your physician! 

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PLEASE NOTE: This tool does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. RAPID-3©2008 – All rights reserved.
Download the Tracking Sheet

Before using the tool, please download the tracking sheet to record your progress