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The Arthritis Foundation DEI Science Summit brings together thought leaders and practitioners in clinical rheumatology, experts in curriculum development, researchers of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in rheumatology care, fellows and people with arthritis. The goal is to discuss strategies to encourage outreach and retention of underrepresented in medicine individuals in rheumatology training programs.
Speakers present on curriculum development to address the lack of diversity of students in the medical training pipeline and health equity research in clinical rheumatology. Increasing the diversity of clinical rheumatologists improves the health outcomes of patients and increases health equity for people with arthritis across the United States.

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Highlights from the 2023 DEI Science Summit
Collection of Patient-Reported Social Determinants of Health Among Patients With Lupus
Curriculum to Grow Diversity in the Rheumatology Workforce
Delay in Diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Science Summit 2023 - Opening Remarks
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Science Summit 2023 - Panel Q&A
Highlighting the Diversity of Pediatric Rheumatic Disease
Striving for Health Equity and Racial Justice in Rheumatology
Using Family's Perspective to Improve the Journey to Rheumatic Diagnosis

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