Bent Leg Calf Stretch

PRECAUTION: Be careful to maintain your balance. Hold onto a stable object (a chair, railing, wall, tree or counter) while doing this exercise.

PRECAUTION: If you have had recent joint surgery, then check with your doctor before doing this exercise.

This stretch works on muscles further down your leg (closer to your ankle) than the straight leg calf stretch.

  • Lean against a wall, tree or chair for support.
  • Place your right foot back, keeping your toes facing forward.
  • Slightly bend your left knee, never letting it go beyond your toes.
  • Slightly bend your right knee as well.
  • Keep your head up and spine straight.
  • Press the heel of the right foot into the ground.
  • Hold and then repeat with the left leg.


  • Stretch just until you feel gentle pulling in your muscle, and then hold the stretch in that position. The stretch shouldn’t be painful.
  • Stretch gently and smoothly, and do not bounce.
  • Breathe naturally as you hold the stretches. Don’t hold your breath.