3 Special Honorees Lead the Way for Our 2022 Walk


As 2022 gets underway, three very engaged arthritis warriors will be leading the charge as national honorees for the upcoming Walk to Cure Arthritis. All three are role models in their hometowns and across the arthritis community nationwide. Each, in her own way, is committed to rallying us all together so we can keep the fight against arthritis going stronger than ever in the year ahead.

As the country begins opening back up from the pandemic, taking local precautions as warranted to keep everyone as safe as possible, we’re excited to once again gather face to face where possible in Walk to Cure Arthritis events. And if it’s not possible in some places, we’ll continue offering virtual opportunities for facetime and companionship.

The Arthritis Foundation’s annual signature event not only raises essential funds for arthritis research and resources — but it’s also a great way to connect with others who know what living with this life-altering disease is like. Through the Vim mobile app and other avenues, we exchange tips and stories and share lessons we’ve learned. Whether you battle arthritis yourself or you care about someone who is fighting it, you can give and receive encouragement that helps you and others get through the tough times.

Meet Our New National Honorees

Macy Coad of California is a high school freshman who is fortunate to recently go into remission from her juvenile arthritis, which she was diagnosed with at 18 months old. It’s been a rough ride between then and now. Today, Macy is an accomplished swimmer, a favorite activity that has helped strengthen her joints and pushed her into Junior Olympics competition. Her Walk team has raised nearly $200,000 since 2009. And she’s a devoted Arthritis Foundation Advocate.

Lily Frick of New Jersey recently went into remission from her JA, too. Also diagnosed at 18 months old, she has gone through many treatments and medications over the years — but hasn’t let the side effects limit her. Like Macy, Lily chose swimming as a competitive sport that she has immersed herself in, and she now leads her high school swim team as captain. Her Lily’s Flower Power team has raised over $100,000 over the past 15 years in Walk to Cure Arthritis, to help bring us closer to a cure.

Angela Harrison of Indiana was diagnosed with arthritis at age 3. Her hands, hips and other joints were deformed by the disease. And the effects of arthritis forced her to retire as a social worker after 17 years. Since 2019, she and her Walk team have raised about $11,000 to move our mission forward. In addition, Angie has served as a leadership board member of her local Arthritis Foundation office, as well as a leader of her local Live Yes! Connect Group.

The Arthritis Foundation and our entire community are deeply grateful to Macy, Lily and Angela for their leadership in the 2022 Walk to Cure Arthritis fundraising event. Together, we’re going to Rock the Walk and achieve more great victories toward conquering arthritis. Learn more about each of our honorees in upcoming blogs. Meanwhile, it’s not too soon to sign up and sign on!