2022 National Walk to Cure Arthritis Honoree: Macy Coad

CoadMacy Coad of California is happy that her juvenile arthritis (JA) is now in medicated remission. She was diagnosed with polyarticular JIA at 18 months old. For a change, she feels like a “normal” high school teenager. But through the years, she has felt challenged the minute she wakes up every day — struggling with pain, stiffness and fatigue from her medications. 

Macy turned to swimming as a way to relieve her pain and stretch her joints. The water soothes her. And swimming has become her passion. She has worked her way up in swimming competition, eagerly diving in for the next victory.

To date, she and her supporters have raised nearly $200,000 for arthritis research and resources for Walk to Cure Arthritis through her team named Macy’s Parade. “My honest account of life as a child with JA has helped people better understand the disease, inspiring them to donate,” Macy says.

“Having JA has come with plenty of struggles, but it has taught me determination and perseverance,” she continues. “It has given me a platform to share my story to help others. As I make my way through high school and into college, I hope to continue to succeed both in the classroom and pool to inspire other kids with JA.”

Macy’s mother has served on the local Arthritis Foundation leadership board for several years. In 2nd grade, Macy traveled to DC to share her story with lawmakers. She and her mom and dad have been very vocal Arthritis Advocates ever since. They’re also involved in CARRA, particularly in studies around uveitis, an eye disease often resulting from JA. Taking part in JA Camp Milagros was another turning point for Macy, reminding her that she’s not alone.

Join Macy and thousands more arthritis warriors and caregivers by registering today for the 2022 Walk to Cure Arthritis. Let’s Rock the Walk together!