May/June 2014

Joint Distraction Surgery: A New Option for Ankle and Knee OA

You read about joint distraction arthroplasty for ankle and knee osteoarthritis, now learn more about this surgical technique.

Healthy Grocery Shopping

Get advice from a dietitian on how to buy the healthiest foods.

Intimacy and Arthritis

Experts share tips on how to prevent arthritis from sabotaging your romantic relationships.

The Dangers of Mixing Medication

One body, multiple drugs: It can be a recipe for disaster. Learn how to prevent it.

Healthy Foods for Gout

Find out what to eat – and what to avoid – when it comes to managing gout.

Supplement and Herb Guide

Learn about more drug-free therapies in the Arthritis Today Supplement Guide.

Health Care Resources

Use this list to find help with medication costs, find a health care provider and more.

FDA Panel: Leave Heart Warning for Naproxen

Evidence is insufficient to remove the warning, but a current study may produce more answers.

FDA Asks Health Care Providers to Limit Acetaminophen

Lower amounts of the pain reliever in prescription combination drugs may reduce the risk of liver damage.

Psoriatic Arthritis Likely to Return Without Meds

Disease often recurs when people in remission stop their medications.