Emotional Wellbeing & Relationships

A healthy mind and support system can help you cope and feel better with arthritis. Learn about the mind-body connection and behaviors that promote emotional wellbeing.

Self-Compassion and Chronic Pain

Self-compassion is the act of showing kindness to oneself in times of suffering. In this episode, a trained medical doctor and mindfulness practitioner shares tips on how to use self-compassion to help dial down stress, alleviate depression and even alter the pain experience.

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Sex & Intimacy With Arthritis

Learn how to improve your sex life with arthritis – including practical tips on making intimacy more comfortable, how to communicate with your partner about sexual difficulties, fostering a healthier body image and more.

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The following podcast episode contains adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

Grief and Chronic Illness With David Kessler 

Living with a chronic illness like arthritis and its symptoms often means living with grief, too. You may grieve losing the ability to do things you love, the future you had dreamed of, maybe even your identity. Internationally known grief and grieving expert David Kessler joins us to discuss grief and arthritis and offer some ways to cope.

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Dating With Arthritis

Dating. It’s a weighted word that triggers eye rolls and a slew of other emotions and emotive responses. While it’s not for the faint of heart, the heart is the very reason why we put ourselves out there and through the dating gauntlet. Dating with a chronic condition like arthritis creates its own level of trials — both physical and emotional. 

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Make Mental Health a Priority

Your mental health can directly and indirectly impact your physical health and arthritis. Learn why it’s so important — especially now — to prioritize your emotional well-being.

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Podcast-EP44-Mindfulness_Web-Graphic-420x420.jpgMindfulness for Beginners

On this episode, we’re talking about the link between stress and arthritis symptoms, like pain, sleep and fatigue, and how mindfulness can help. Get tips on getting started from special guests, Nicole Riley, MD, an integrative pain management doctor and mindfulness expert, and Meryl Arnett, a meditation and yoga teacher.

This episode was originally released December 9, 2019.

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Body Image, Self Esteem & Arthritis

Learn how to foster a healthier body image to better care for your mental and physical health – despite the unpredictability of living with arthritis. Additionally, learn coping strategies for bad days, not only so you can have a better relationship with yourself, but also with those around you.  

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Brain Fog, Mental Clarity & Arthritis

Mental fuzziness, or “brain fog,” is a frustrating phenomenon that often occurs with arthritis and related conditions, like fibromyalgia. Listen to experts discuss some suspected causes and ways to deal with it.

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Mind Over Stress

Hear about the connection between chronic stress and arthritis and how stress contributes to pain, inflammation and lower immunity. You’ll also learn strategies to reduce stress and manage your arthritis symptoms.

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Telemental Health

If you’re reluctant to seek in-person counseling for anxiety and stress, consider virtual psychotherapy. Hear from a counselor who’s an arthritis patient and JA mom who’s been practicing remotely for years.

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Wellness in Challenging Times

Want some tips about how to handle change in challenging times and maintain your health and wellness? This episode’s guest is an experienced social worker and researcher who grew up with juvenile arthritis.

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Promoting Healthy Relationships

Having a chronic condition like arthritis can pose challenges to relationships. Learn how to navigate tricky emotions, open lines of communication, establish healthy boundaries and assert your own self-worth.

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Mindfulness for Beginners

Mindful practices can help those living with chronic pain reduce their mental and physical exhaustion. Learn how our bodies respond to pain, what you can do to break the cycle and some techniques to get started.

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