January/February 2014

6 Ways Arthritis Can Affect Your Eyes

The same inflammation that damages your joints can also affect your eyes. Here’s how to protect your vision.

Alicia Arden: Getting Fit for Life

Read more Q&A of her amazing, 100-plus-pound, weight-loss journey.

8 Tips to Picking the Perfect Gym

Are you gym-wise? Get more tips on how to find a fitness club that’s right for you.

Smoking Worsens Ankylosing Spondylitis Damage

Learn more on how the effects are especially damaging for men who smoke.

RA Drug Delivery Changes Offer Convenience, Easier Use

Find out more about how self-injected Actemra and auto-fill methotrexate syringes could make living with RA easier.

11 Cleaning Tips That Will Spare Your Joints

Streamline cleaning tasks to maximize sparkle and minimize joint pain and strain. Here are some household cleaning tips and cleaning shortcuts.