Annual Meeting 2016

Your Passion for the Arthritis Cause!

Share Your Story

You give your time and talents to impact the lives of those with arthritis. You do so much to help our mission and we want to hear about it.

To highlight your contributions, we ask that you take a couple of minutes to fill out this quick survey. Information submitted will be shared at the Conference of Champions so that attendees can get to know each other better and it may be used in future Arthritis Foundation communication.

Share Your Video

Shoot a video on your smartphone or laptop, telling everyone what you do for the Arthritis Foundation and why you do it.  Your clip may be shown at the Conference of Champions or featured online.
It’s simple!

1. Shoot a short video of yourself (30 seconds or less) talking about your passion for the fight against arthritis.  See ideas and tips below.
2. Be very specific about yourself and your individual role and experience with arthritis – and your partnership with the Arthritis Foundation. Make it about your passions, your actions, yourself…
3. When naming your video file, please include your name in the title of the file, such as: John Doe Arthritis Video. Then upload your video.  We’ll share your message – at the conference, online, a combo or otherwise!


1. Tell about what you do for the Arthritis Foundation and why.
Example: “I’m the chair of my local leadership board here in [city], and we’re working to make sure people know about this disease and how the Arthritis Foundation is fighting back.  My husband has arthritis, and that makes it personal to me.”
2. Tell us how the Arthritis Foundation has changed your life.
Example A: “The Arthritis Foundation has made an impact on me by holding family days in [city], because it brings kids and their families together, to have a good time, but also learn from each other and know we’re not alone.”
Example B: “The Arthritis Foundation has given me the chance to share my story with my congressman and tell him why we need more money for research.”
3. If you have something else you’d like to express, please do! (in 30 seconds or less!)


  • When you start your video, say and spell your first and last name and say the city and state you live in.
  • Be yourself and use your own words.  Show us your passion and what you believe and feel.
  • Try to keep it short.  Summarize in just a few sentences of 30 seconds or less.  (But if you have more to say, say it – and we’ll see what we can use!)
  • Shoot your video where it’s not noisy and where you can be clearly heard.
  • Outdoors might be a good place to shoot (if not noisy) because of natural daylight.  If shooting indoors, be sure lighting is adequate.

Notice: By submitting your photos, videos, quotes and/or other digital content to the Arthritis Foundation, you hereby grant the Arthritis Foundation, Inc., specific permission to reproduce, publish, circulate, copyright or otherwise use any and all such materials in promoting the Arthritis Foundation and our activities, including identifying you and/or others depicted in such submissions by first and last name and city and state of residence.

Step 1. Please fill out the form below.

Step 2. Please choose your method of video submission, either via Dropbox (preferred), or via YouTube. Please don’t forget to include your name in the title of the video file before uploading.