Jingle Bell Run Volunteer Tools

Are you already involved in your local Jingle Bell Run committee? Use these downloadable tools and resources to enhance your committee activities.

Jingle Bell Run relies heavily on local volunteers to make each event a success. There are day-of-event volunteer opportunities as well as longer term event committee positions. 


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Learn what's available in your local market.

To learn more about what opportunities are available for you, please connect with your nearest Arthritis Foundation office. 

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Every event needs a timeline. This calendar will help keep everyone stay on track for success.

11-12 Months Out

  • Recruit Jingle Bell Run Committee & Subcommittees 
    • Name Event Chair __________________ 
    • Name Logistics Chair ______________________ 
    • Name Corporate Chair _____________________ 
    • Name Revenue Chair_____________________ 
    • Form Sponsorship Committee 
    • Form New Team Recruitment Committee 
    • Form Team Retention Committee Form Marketing & PR Committee 
    • Form Mission & Advocacy Committee 
  • Secure Race Director 
  • Work with staff & Race Director to determine location, date, and route 
  • Train Committee 

10 Months Out

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Develop sponsor prospect lists and set meetings with each prospect 
  • Develop team goals and strategies for reaching those goals 
  • Create cash/in-kind/media sponsorship packages 

8-9 Months

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Work with Sponsorship Chair to continue to secure sponsors 
  • Develop industry/team prospect list 

7 Months Out

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Work with Sponsorship Chair to secure sponsors 
  • Work with Logistics Chair to develop plan for brochure/rack card distribution, participant registration, follow-up, etc.  
  • Work with Logistics Chair to confirm route and secure necessary permits 
  • Work with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 

6 Months Out

  • Hold a committee meeting   
  • Announce event in local publications, websites, etc. 
  • Continue working with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 

5 Months Out

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Continue working with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 

4 Months

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Continue working with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 
  • Work with Sponsorship Chair to confirm X amount of sponsors (cash/in-kind/media) 
  • Work with Publicity Chair to meet with media sponsors to review promotional plans 
  • Work with Publicity Chair to send media materials to long-lead media 
  • Hold Team Captain Kickoff event 

3 Months Out

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Print and distribute all promotional materials 
  • Continue working with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 
  • Follow up each registration with welcome packets 
  • Work with Logistics Chair to recruit medical supplies and paramedic support 
  • Work with Logistics Chair to recruit police/safety officials for event 
  • Work with Logistics Chair to solicit communication system for event day (2-way radios or cellular phones) 
  • Work with Logistics Chair to recruit X amount of event day volunteers 

2 Months

  • Hold a committee meeting 
  • Continue working with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 
  • Promote event to community calendars 
  • Order all t-shirts, medals, race bibs, etc. 
  • Order rental equipment such as tables, chairs, sound equipment, port-a-potties, trashcans, cones, etc. 
  • Determine volunteer duties and distribute job descriptions 
  • Walk through route 
  • Review security plan for money collected on event day 
  • Have Logistics Chair confirm event day entertainment / speakers / emcee 
  • Have Publicity Chair send out press releases/pitch human interest stories 
  • Have Publicity Chair confirm media interviews 

1 Month Out

  • Hold 2 Committee meetings 
  • Continue to work with Team Recruitment subcommittee to recruit X amount of Team Captains 
  • Mail final details to registrants (postcard or email) 
  • Have Logistics Chair train day of volunteers 
  • Prepare post event thank you letters/evaluations 
  • Participate in Media interviews 
  • Have Logistics Chair reconfirm event day entertainment / speakers / emcee 
  • Prepare scripts 
  • Bank Day -- Early turn in of money 
  • Print sponsor banners

Day of Event

  • Orient and train all volunteers 
  • Registration 
  • Scure all money collected 
  • Thank everyone for doing a great job 
  • Complete post event form and return to National Office 
  • Send photo captions to media 
  • Awards party 

Event Wrap Up

  • Post event evaluation meeting 
  • Thank you letters to sponsors, volunteers, participants, team captains, etc.  
  • Return all sponsor banners and rented equipment 
  • Send out wrap up information with final numbers, sponsor appreciation and SAVE THE DATE information for next year! 

Year Round 
Cultivate and build upon relationships by sending chapter newsletters, Christmas cards, other event information, save the date card, etc.  

From your core group of volunteers to the much-needed day of event volunteers, this section focuses on key responsibilities and will help ensure all your “manpower” needs are met. 

Volunteer Committee 
Form a committee with talented volunteers, who are passionate about our cause and willing to leverage their community connections, as they are vital to the success and growth of your local Jingle Bell Run event. You can use the following tools to develop and enhance your Jingle Bell Run committee.  

Committee Structure and Tools 
Ensure you have a committee structure that specifies which volunteers will be dedicated to specific roles and responsibilities. This will help your committee to work cohesively towards the goal while holding each other accountable for tasks assigned. Remember, your committee should include volunteers from different facets of the community to encourage a diverse set of skills, ideas and community contacts! 

Day of Event Volunteers
If your volunteer committee is the engine, your day of volunteers are the gas. You need both for your event to run smoothly. 
Correspond regularly with all day of event volunteers prior to event day. Send emails to each volunteer with the following information:

  • A job description of their day of role
  • The Volunteer Social Media Guide so they can help spread the word
  • Day of instructions: what time to arrive, where to check-in, etc.  
  • Directions to the event
  • Event day agenda
  • Course map
  • Step-by-step details of what to do on each table or in a designated volunteer area.
  • Sheet with answers to Frequently Asked Questions Day of event contact information.

Event participants will look to day of volunteers as a resource and point of contact, so volunteers should be thoroughly trained to set them up for success.  

Assign volunteer leaders to oversee different areas and make them responsible for training their crew.  Ensure each area has a meeting prior to event day to go over the job duties and details of the event. If separate meetings are not possible, require attendance at an early morning meeting on the day of the run to go over the details. 


Event Planning and Logistics 

There is no Jingle Bell Run event without the necessary event planning and logistics.  Volunteers and participants want to be a part of an event that is well organized. Here is everything you need to know about the event logistics and event standards, so your local community can host what Greatist.com called “one of the most incredible themed events.” 

  • Event Day Schedule 
  • Logistics Checklist 

Event Standards 

The Jingle Bell Run is a 5 Kilometer, timed race. Most events will also include additional optional activities, such as a 5K Walk, Children’s Fun Run and 1-mile walk (for people with arthritis).  Longer distances, such as 10K, are also permitted, as long as they are not intended to replace the standard 5K run. 

  • Must have a clearly marked start/finish line 
  • Must have a timing clock, official race director preferred 
  • Must provide participant race bibs 
  • Chip Timing is preferred for races over 500 participants 
  • USTAF Certified Course is preferred for races over 500 participants 


All the tools you need to get local teams jingling all the way to the Jingle Bell Run finish line.  

Team Recruitment 
Recruiting, building, and retaining teams should be the #1 priority for both local staff and volunteer committees.  

Why are teams so important? The average Team Captain raises $346, and team members raise $41 on average compared to only $33 raised by an individual participant.  

One way to get team members excited about the upcoming run is by hosting an internal, team kickoff event!  

Use the following tools to assist Team Captains with  recruitment and planning a kickoff event: 

National Teams
The National Team Program is an opportunity for businesses and organizations with offices throughout the country to participate in Jingle Bell Run events around the nation. It's a great way to build morale among employees. 

If your company or organization is interested in forming a regional or national team, please contact [email protected].

Several nationwide companies and organizations have already committed to forming Jingle Bell Run teams in multiple locations across the country, including:

Mission Delivery
Mission delivery means making participants aware of the seriousness of arthritis through their involvement in the Jingle Bell Run. 

Arthritis affects 1 in every 4 adults and 300,000 children across the United States. It is the leading cause of disability.  Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is not just minor aches and pains, an inconvenience, or an “old person’s disease.” For many people, of all ages, arthritis is a serious, progressive and potentially fatal disease. 

The Jingle Bell Run is an opportunity to include more people in our mission. By taking part in this event, participants and volunteers are helping the Arthritis Foundation find better treatments and ultimately a cure, as well as support programs and services the reduce the disease’s impact. 

Use your local event to do the following:

  • Highlight the Arthritis Foundation mission and vision
  • Participate in Advocacy: Use event day to sign up advocates on the spot
  • Make the community aware of our Policy Priorities
  • Educate volunteers on the latest news on our advocacy efforts
  • Get all committee members to commit to being advocates. It’s easy to sign up!
  • Showcase local arthritis programs and services offered in the area
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Currently this program is for the adult arthritis community.  Since the needs of the juvenile arthritis (JA) community are unique, we are currently working with experts to develop a customized experience for JA families. 

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