Wipe Out Gout
Wipe Out Gout

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Let's Speak Gout

Let’s Speak Gout was developed to provide new resources for doctors and patients to help make effective discussion about gout management a priority. Explore a variety of tools (including patient tools created to enhance conversations with doctors) and learn how to manage the disease and be effective self-advocates.

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More About Gout

Learn more about gout on Arthritis.org. From gout symptoms to causes, diagnosis, treatment and self-care, find additional information to help you develop your treatment plan.

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Visit Our Gout Blog

For more tips about treatment, the best/worst foods for gout, and personal stories of Yes, visit the Arthritis Foundation's gout blog.

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Gout and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

If you have kidney disease, it is harder for your body to get rid of uric acid. When you have high uric acid levels, you are at much higher risk for getting gout. High uric acid and gout may make your kidney function worse. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has developed educational materials and tools to assist you in managing gout and CKD.