Wipe Out Gout
Wipe Out Gout
Doctor-Patient Communication Tools

Doctor-Patient Communication Tools

The conversations you have with your doctor about gout are important. Gout is not your fault; while gout can be a manageable disease it’s still a disease that needs attention from a doctor. Changing how doctors and patients discuss gout is one way to help improve gout care.

We understand that doctors and patients tend not to discuss gout, giving it lower priority compared to other conditions and diseases that may seem more serious. It’s important that patients report gout attacks and talk about their symptoms with their doctor. The tools below will help you do that.

wipe out gout patient tool

Patient Tool

View and download our patient tool for tips and questions to help you self-advocate during visits and improve the conversation with your doctor. The printable gout attack tracker can help you and your doctor determine patterns or triggers.

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Physician Tool (PDF)

This tool for health-care professionals provides tips to optimize communications with patients with gout, insights about barriers and gout facts that may help with patient education.

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Get the facts and nothing but the facts about gout, uric acid and more so you can talk to your doctor effectively.