Scientific Research

Learn how the Arthritis Foundation is supporting the arthritis community through four breakthrough scientific initiatives.

Today, the Arthritis Foundation is not just a funder of research, but an active partner through four scientific initiatives. By lending our own talents to channeling volunteers and critical patient insights of the Live Yes! Arthritis Network into a portfolio of programs we directly support the arthritis community and represent the voice of the patient. These are our current scientific initiatives.

microscope iconADVANCING Osteoarthritis Treatment

Develop OA TREATMENTS and quickly bring them to market. 

In just two years: 

  • Developed the first OA Clinical Research Network 
  • Launched the OA Center of Excellence with six accredited initial member institutions. 
  • Completed a study of biomarkers. 
  • Advocated for new FDA guidance on OA.

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CONQUERING Childhood Arthritis

More finanical support  to expand research.

In just two years: 

  • Collaborated with registries and research networks. 
  • Enhanced registries of the CARRA to track rare forms of JA. 
  • Fueled a new study led by CARRA. 
  • Sponsored a patient-focused drug development event with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

doctor iconCULTIVATING A New Generation of Rheumatologists

Closing the gap in our nation’s rheumatologist shortage

In just two years: 

  • Expanded our innovative fellowship program. 
  • Added nine new Arthritis Foundation-funded fellowship programs. 
  • Reached out to under-served populations in rural and urban communities. 
  • Supported pilot programs in telecare, disease-specific clinics and care for the uninsured. 

talking bubbles iconCOLLABORATING with Patients for Better Health

Changing the arthritis care paradigm

In just two years: 

  • Created medical record dashboards from paper to digital for pilot sites 
  • Expanded our registry partnerships with CARRA and ACR. 
  • Partnered with the largest electronic medical records database to speed results. 
  • Funded the “quick start” treatment initiative at UT Southwestern. 


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