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Prescription For Access

Living with arthritis is enough to deal with day to day. Who needs the added challenge of navigating a complex health care system to get the treatments required to manage it?

We are constantly listening to our community to identify current areas of concern – areas where we need to take action to improve lives today. As we listen, we are hearing a mounting concern from our community about their ability to access affordable medications in a timely manner. For some, understanding the healthcare system is as difficult as understanding their disease. We recognize that it’s our job to help the arthritis community navigate the complex health care issues they are confronting. 

Introducing Prescription For Access

To more proactively address the concerns of our constituents, we have launched a new initiative called Prescription for Access, and we have invited and will continue to invite key leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, health care providers and key policymakers to create a shared understanding of the issues people with arthritis are facing and to formulate a new agenda for the Foundation centered on real-time short- and mid-term solutions.

Bringing Together Patients, Providers, and Decision Makers

Prescription for Access brings together patients, providers and other decision makers to have open dialogue about the issues of accessing treatments that people with arthritis need and create change in the realm of care. We’re fighting to make arthritis care more accessible and less burdensome for millions.

Prescription for Access Tools and Resources

prescription for access toolkit

Your Coverage, Your Care Toolkit

Explore our powerful new toolkit created to help you better understand health coverage options, learn how to get the arthritis care you need and manage claim denials.

access to healthcare tips

5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Ease and Access to Care

Learn five tangible things you can do now to overcome barriers and improve your health care in the coming year.

patient principles for health care

Patient Principles for Health Care

All people, including those with arthritis, deserve a transparent health care system that allows them to make informed decisions. If the following principles are adopted system-wide, we will achieve this goal.

legistative patient principles health care reform

Legislative Patient Principles for Health Reform

This one-page summary of the Patient Principles for Health Care is an excellent conversation starter and leave behind for legislators and policymakers.