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Your everyday tasks don’t have to be a pain. Great brands are bringing you arthritis-friendly products designed with your needs in mind. Ease of Use®-certified products are proven to make life easier for people with arthritis and can help you conquer your day with less pain.


Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness

From joint protection accessories to easy-open bottle caps, these Ease of Use-certified products may offer what you need to reduce arthritis pain.

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Home and Hobbies
Home and Hobbies

If you are looking for a product that can make it easier to garden, tackle a project or move about your home, check out these Ease of Use certified products.

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Work more comfortably with greater flexibility and less strain and pain. Explore this category of Ease of Use Certified products that can help you power through your workday.

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Look for the Ease of Use Seal
Ease of Use Certification

Look for the Ease of Use Seal

Ease of Use certified products have been independently tested and proven easy to use by the Intuitive Design Applied Research Institute. Our certification seal recognizes products and packaging and can be purchased in many retail locations and online.

About the Ease of Use Program

Our Certification Process

Each certified product has been thoughtfully designed by a brand that keeps arthritis and chronic pain at the forefront of meeting consumer needs. The Arthritis Foundation is proud to partner with these companies as they lead in innovative, easy to use designs.

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I trust all products labeled Ease of Use. I have several favorites that I use daily.

Ashley, Rheumatoid Arthritis patient
Finding Arthritis-Friendly Products
Looking for more arthritis-friendly products?
In addition to purchasing Ease of Use Certified products, keep the following tips in mind as you look for easier to use products. 
Be Selective

Are there tasks you find difficult or that interfere with your independence? Seek out products that can make these everyday tasks easier.

Choose Texture

Products that offer better grip can be easier for people with arthritis to use. Choose tools with rubberized, bumpy handles, or drinking classes with textured exteriors for easier grasping.

Go Minimal

Products that require a lot of maintenance or cleaning will add to your to-do list. Choose products that are easily maintained to avoid added strain on your joints.

Think Safety

Choose products that are easy to use and that can keep you and your joints safe.

Tread Lightly

Lightweight items, especially those deigned for cooking and cleaning, can be easier on your joints. Heavy pots and cumbersome cleaning tools can strain your joints and cause unnecessary pain.

Open Wide

Products that are difficult to grasp or require twisting with your fingers to open and close should be avoided. Instead, look for products with flip-top caps and larger, easy-to-open lids. When it comes to clothing and accessories, opt for zippers over buttons.

Choose Comfort

Items comfortable to wear, carry or operate can help alleviate joint pain. Wear loose clothing and choose garments that are easy to put on and take off.

Go Minimal

Products that are simple and practical are usually easier to operate than fancy gadgets with intricate pieces. 

Stay Close

Choose products that can be carried close to your body. This can help reduce pressure on your arms, hands and back.

Seal It

Products that feature the Ease of Use seal are proven to put less strain on your joints. Choose these items to ensure you’re buying tested and trusted arthritis-friendly products.

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