Melnor Metal RelaxGrip Thumb Control Multi-Pattern Nozzle

Tackle your outdoor chores without the pain. Try Melnor’s thumb-control nozzle with RelaxGrip and take the sting out of gardening. Multi-Pattern Thumb-Control Nozzle With RelaxGrip.

Melnor’s RelaxGrip® 8-Pattern Thumb Control Nozzle is specially designed to provide the most comfortable grip, so you can get your gardening done with ease. The unique thumb control design is easy to use, one simple motion controls the water flow with less strain then regular nozzles. Adjust between 8 versatile watering patterns to shower petunias on the porch or switch to a stronger spray to rinse off the sidewalk. Designed to be lightweight yet durable to last for years.

Melnor and RelaxGrip are registered trademarks of Melnor, Inc.

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