Welcome to Ohio

There are more than 50 million Americans with Arthritis - 2,648,000 of them live in Ohio. The Arthritis Foundation is the Champion of Yes. We are focused on finding a cure and championing the fight against arthritis through vital information, advocacy, science and community. Our goal is to chart a winning course, guiding families in developing personalized plans for saying yes – day after day.

Upcoming Events

2018 JA Day - West Chester, OH
2018 JA Day - Ashley, OH

2018 Arthritis A Silent Enemy - Cincinnati, OH


Arthritis: A Silent Enemy is a free opportunity to access the latest information on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of arthritis and related diseases. It will include educational sessions led by local healthcare experts and a light lunch.

2018 Arthritis Expo - Summit County

2018 Arthritis Expo - Summit County


“Advances in Arthritis Medications”
“When a Hip or Knee Replacement is Necessary”
“Treatment Options for Shoulders, Elbows & Hands”
“Balance & Fall Prevention”