Can a Steroid Prevent OA?

The Arthritis Foundation funds a study that aims to slow or stop osteoarthritis. 

Morgan Jones, MD, MPH, of Mass General Brigham of Harvard Medical School, is leading a three-center, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to test a corticosteroid in people at risk of developing osteoarthritis due to an injury, known as post-traumatic osteoarthritis (OA). The scientific team will determine if an injection of long-acting triamcinolone at the time of knee surgery to remove meniscus cartilage (arthroscopic partial meniscectomy) can slow or stop the biochemistry of cartilage degradation that causes OA. The project is titled “The Corticosteroid Meniscectomy Trial,” or CoMeT.

“Arthroscopic meniscectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world. In knee osteoarthritis, meniscus plays a key role and should be studied in clinical trials,” says Jason Kim, PhD, the Vice President of Osteoarthritis Research Programs at the Arthritis Foundation.
Dr. Jones and his family at the Louisa May Alcott Museum
in Concord, Massachusetts.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Morgan H. Jones.

The Arthritis Foundation has invested over $2.2M into the ongoing CoMeT Study — one of the first projects of the Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial Network (OA-CTN) and an inspiration for the larger PIKASO Project. CoMeT is a predecessor of the PIKASO Project and established many of the ideas, concepts and techniques to be used in upcoming clinical trials supported by the Arthritis Foundation.

“Our activity in clinical trials is a keystone to achieving the Arthritis Foundation's goals and overall mission to serve patients,” says Maria Vassileva, PhD, the Senior Vice President of Science Strategy at the Arthritis Foundation.

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