Local Resources

Many people who get involved in one type of physical activity find that they like to go on to explore other kinds of programs that also offer enjoyment and health benefits. No matter what your ability, the Arthritis Foundation can help you keep moving. There are many options for you, including: Arthritis Foundation online tools, referrals to local parks and recreation departments, wellness centers, senior centers, and a list of local classes.  Check also with your local gym or fitness center for other resources. 

Arthritis Foundation online tools:

Parks & Recreation Department Links:

Senior Centers Links:

Additional Program Class Listings

As a courtesy, we have included a list of local classes for additional physical activity programs to consider. Please note, while we do our best to keep this list updated, schedules may change depending on the facility or instructor. Contact the location for current schedules and pricing information.

Please contact us at 323-954-5750 if you have additional questions or are looking for additional information.