Learn the benefits, how much to take, drug interactions and which foods are full of chromium.


Chromium helps the body produce energy from foods, helps the brain function and helps the body break down insulin, keeping the body's blood sugar level normal.  

How Much: Adequate intakes (AI) = 35 mcg for men age 14 to 50; 30 mcg for men age 50 and older; 25 mcg for women age 14 to 50; 20 mcg for women age 50 and older.

Too Much: No tolerable upper limit (UL) has been determined.

Too Little: Impaired glucose tolerance.

Foods: Brewer's yeast, wheat germ, broccoli, chicken, beef, eggs, green peppers, black pepper, molasses, apples, spinach and wheat germ.

Interactions: Insulin, thyroid medications, antacids, corticosteroids, H2-blockers and proton pump inhibitors.

Research Note: Chromium may add to the effects of diabetes medications, but there is no conclusive evidence that chromium supplements can prevent or treat diabetes.

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