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Let’s Speak Gout

Gout, a form of arthritis, affects an estimated 8.3 million adults in the U.S., with half of patients with gout experiencing multiple attacks per year.  

Yet, gout may be a manageable disease compared with other chronic diseases, according to some doctors. Changing how doctors and patients discuss gout could be one way to help improve gout care. Effective doctor-patient communication is associated with patient adherence.

Doctors and patients tend not to discuss gout, giving it lower priority compared to other conditions and diseases that may seem more serious. And, patients don’t always report their gout attacks to their doctors. Many feel guilty and believe they have caused an attack because of their lifestyle or diet.

Let’s Speak Gout was developed to provide new resources for doctors and patients to help make effective discussion about gout management a priority. The program is based on research that identified important ways doctors and patients think and talk about gout. The research findings were used to create tools to help doctors and patients:

  • better discuss patients’ symptoms
  • encourage and focus on education to avoid feelings of guilt and blame
  • partner on how to track and measure successful treatment

The tools developed for Let’s Speak Gout are part of a program provided by the Arthritis Foundation for people with arthritis to enhance conversations with doctors, manage the disease and be effective self-advocates.

Better Communications Between Physicians and Patients May Improve Gout Care

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Patient Tool

View and download the Let’s Speak Gout patient tool that provides ways to improve the conversation with your doctor, tips and questions to help you self-advocate during visits, a gout attack tracker and helpful information about gout and uric acid.

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Physician Tool

View and download the Let’s Speak Gout tool for health-care professionals that provides insights about barriers and opportunities to potentially improve doctor/patient conversations, tips to optimize communications with patients with gout and quick gout facts that may help with patient education.

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Watch our video to learn what is occurring in your body during a gout attack to help you better manage the disease.

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Learn about the research conducted to develop Let’s Speak Gout tools and resources.

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Forget the myths and misinformation. Get gout facts and stats to help you better understand this common form of arthritis.