Explaining JA to Classmates: PowerPoint Presentation

This downloadable presentation can help your child explain juvenile arthritis to their classmates.

This presentation can help you or your child educate others about juvenile arthritis. Your child can present it to a class or other group (like a Scout troop) or even present one-on-one to a teacher or friend.

Use the presentation as is or make changes. You can add personal details, feature your diagnosis and more.

The full presentation is available to you free, including the illustrations. The illustrations are copyrighted. The Arthritis Foundation has purchased rights to the illustrations for you to use in educational presentations about juvenile arthritis. They cannot be used for other purposes.

You can print out the presentation and share a paper copy. You can present it on a computer screen. If you are presenting to a class or other large group, it's best to use a projector so everyone can easily see it.

The presentation is available in two formats.

Educate Others About JA PPT:

  • Download this version if you have Microsoft Office Suite. It can be personalized or edited.


Educate Others About JA PDF:

  • This version can be viewed or downloaded without any special software.  It cannot be edited.