Helping Children With JA Manage Emotional Challenges Webinar

Learn how to help your child manage changing emotions, avoid negative coping mechanisms and more.

Kids with juvenile arthritis (JA) and other childhood rheumatic diseases cope daily with the challenges of accepting and adapting to their “new normal.” The disease not only affects their bodies but emotional aspects of their lives. 
Presenter: Courtney Wells, MPH, MSW, PhD, a licensed social worker from Minnesota who has lived with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since 1985.

Learn how to help your child:
  • Accept a new diagnosis and the need to take medication
  • Manage changing emotions as the disease affect different aspects of life and they grow older
  • Avoid negative coping mechanisms and behaviors
  • Protect relationships with family members, friends, classmates
  • Connect with other kids going through similar issues
This webinar was recorded in November 2016. Download and listen to the recording here

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