Morphine sulfate oral solution

Drug Class: Analgesics (Opioid)
Brand Names: : Generic only


Oral solution starting dose: 10 to 15 mg every 4 hours.

Potential Side Effects


Constipation; dizziness; drowsiness; itching; lightheadedness; low blood pressure; mental confusion; nausea; shortness of breath; urinary retention; vomiting

Special Instructions

Check prescribed dosage and measure carefully. Solution is highly concentrated.

Be Aware


Opioids can slow breathing and suppress the cough reflex. Before taking an opioid, tell your doctor if you have a history of lung disease or breathing difficulties. Taking opioids with certain other drugs can increase the risk of dangerous side effects. Especially tell your doctor if you take antihistamines (allergy medications), tranquilizers, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants or other pain medication, or if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

LAST UPDATED: 03/27/2014

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