Stay Healthy

As variants of the coronavirus continue to evolve and spread, staying healthy and keeping your arthritis well controlled is essential. Check this page regularly for advice and information to help you navigate your arthritis care. How can you best manage your condition during an ongoing pandemic? How can you avoid infection, and protect your mental and physical health? What do you need to know to protect your child with arthritis? Read about what matters most to you.

Medical Care and Wellness

Woman working out indoorsGet trusted information to help stay well and manage your arthritis as new coronavirus variants continue to emerge. Find out what the CDC advises for travel, masks and more, and continue taking care of yourself and your arthritis.

Sticking With Your Arthritis Treatment Plan
Need to See Your Doctor: Try Telemedicine
Expert Q&A: Are Biologics and DMARDs Protective Against COVID-19?
CDC Covid Advice for People With Certain Medical Conditions



Food & Fitness

man eating saladEating right and being physically and emotionally fit are key to maintaining your health and minimizing arthritis symptoms. Check out these resources for nutrition and fitness, and sign up today for the Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Walk to Cure Arthritis
12 Benefits of Walking
Chinese Nutritional Therapy for Arthritis webinar

Set, Track and Share Your Diet & Fitness Goals With the Vim App

Emotional Coping

Woman relaxing in chair at homeDealing with arthritis is stressful even when Covid is not part of the equation. Use these tips to help improve your emotional health and lower your stress level.

Self Compassion and Chronic Pain podcast
How to Prioritize Emotional Health webinar

Stress Busting for Difficult Times
Build a Support System to Fight Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis & Your Family

Mother reading to childKids have a lot to cope with when they have JA, and the uncertainties and disruptions of the pandemic have only added more stress. Use these tips and resources to help your child with arthritis and your family stay well. And consider signing your child up for JA camp — they are back in-person this year.

Learn about JA Camps
CAM Therapies to Try for JA
​Giving Kids a Role in Their Medical Care
Real Talk About JA and Emotional Health webinar

Coronavirus Updates

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