Patient Reported Outcomes survey

15 minutes a month to help others with Arthritis

Have you ever struggled to quantify how Arthritis affects you? What if we had a tool like bathroom scales or thermometers to track the things that we can change? What if by just giving 15 minutes a month you could provide data that allows researchers and the Arthritis Foundation to have the data to make more effective, targeted programs for you!

By taking part in the Arthritis Foundation Patient Reported Outcome surveys, you can use the same tools researchers use to generate insights into your own well-being. Data collected through these tools makes you a citizen scientist, not only revealing data about yourself but becoming part of a movement of patients to show researchers, with data, what works and what's needed in our communities.

You spoke and we listened – through surveys, focus groups and group listening sessions individuals with arthritis identified areas of importance in living with the disease.  By providing data over time, you can track your:

Physical Health

Social Connectedness, or interaction, with other arthritis patients

Communication with your healthcare providers

Emotional health, stress, and depression

Build it together!

In this earliest stage, your help is critical in helping understand what makes this survey practical and useful to patients.