Arthritis Foundation coalitions

Arthritis Foundation Coalitions

The Arthritis Foundation joins with like-minded organizations to develop policy positions and advocacy campaigns so that the voices of people with arthritis are amplified. Many chronic diseases share the same access issues that people with arthritis experience. Coming together at the state and federal levels with one voice makes it easier for policymakers and elected officials to hear our stories and understand our needs.

Federal Coalitions

The Arthritis Foundation is an active member of each of the following federal coalitions.

Coalition for Health Funding

Largest coalition dedicated to public health funding; over 80 members; advocates for top line funding of HHS agencies; also heavily involved in sequestration and broader budget issues; sends out daily member updates on appropriations issues and events.

Coalition for Accessible Treatments

Informal coalition created by the Arthritis Foundation and the American College of Rheumatology to advocate for the Patients’ Access to Treatments Act; monthly calls; the Arthritis Foundation is a steering committee member.

CDC Arthritis Program Coalition

Coalition led by the Arthritis Foundation dedicated to preserving and ultimately growing funding for the CDC Arthritis Program.

Healthcare Leaders for Accountable Innovation in Medicare

Coalition focused on adding the patient voice to cost saving innovations in the Medicare program; the Arthritis Foundation is a steering committee member. 

Pediatric Subspecialty Loan Repayment Program Coalition

Coalition advocating for pediatric subspecialty eligibility in federal loan repayment programs; currently advocating for HR 1859, the Ensuring Children’s Access to Specialty Care Act.

MAPRx Coalition

Coalition that advocates for Medicare Part D; considers a variety of issues, including benefit design, premiums and medication therapy management.

Rx For US Coalition led by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores that advocates for patient access to medications. There is a mix of provider groups, patient groups and pharmacy groups, and they meet about three times a year. 

National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups

Coalition of autoimmune groups that advocates for a variety of issues, including specialty drugs, research funding and access to providers and treatment; meets two or three times a year.

NIAMS Coalition

Advocates on behalf of NIAMS; holds meetings with NIAMS staff; conducts a biannual site tour for Hill staff and a biannual outreach and education day for coalition members; holds briefings and other events on the Hill each year; the Arthritis Foundation is a steering committee member.

Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research

Network of groups interested in medical research; holds periodic town halls to discuss issues and strategy; sends out a weekly roundup of research news and events; advocates for top line NIH funding.

Friends of CDC

Advocates for top line CDC funding; annual meeting with the CDC director and staff every year; sends out updates on CDC funding bills and news.

Friends of HRSA

Advocates for top line HRSA funding; annual meeting with the HRSA director and staff every year; sends out updates on HRSA funding bills and news.

GME Coalition

Coalition led by AAMC that advocates for raising or eliminating the caps on federally-funded GME slots, GME reform and increasing resources for GME.

Regulatory Education and Action for Patients (REAP) Coalition

Patient advocacy coalition dedicated to ensuring the patient voice is represented in regulatory affairs, and that patients are educated about rules and policies that affect them.

Patients for Biologic Safety and Access

Patient-specific coalition led by the Immune Deficiency Foundation, dedicated to ensuring patient safety protections in biosimilar policies, including advocating for unique names.

Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness

Coalition dedicated to raising public awareness of clinical trials and educating patients on why they should participate.

Friends of VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) Medical Care and Health Research

Coalition dedicated to strong funding for VA research and health programs.

Friends of the Arthritis Caucus

Coalition dedicated to enhancing the visibility of arthritis issues on Capitol Hill and growing the Arthritis Caucus.

Medicare Therapy Cap Coalition

Coalition dedicated to repealing the Medicare cap on physical therapy.

State Legislative Coalitions

The Arthritis Foundation is an active member of each of the following state legislative coalitions.

State Access to Innovative Medicines (State-AIM)

Coalition focused on out-of-pocket costs, specialty tiers and step therapy; also seeks to bring together likeminded organizations.

Coalition Against Switching Medications for Stable Patients

Coalition that advocates against switching a stable patient’s proven treatments because of non-medical, purely economic policies of the insurer.

Cap the CoPay

Coalition that advocates for creating a fair, economical solution ensuring that patients have access to the appropriate treatment options for their chronic conditions.