Video Training Center

Video Training Center

About the Video Training Center

Every month, the Arthritis Foundation hosts a number of live webinars. Our Advocate Webinar Serieis is a 30-minute call to dive a bit deeper into advocacy topics. You’ll hear from special guest speakers, experts, and Advocates like you. Ambassador Briefings are bi-monthly opportunities to connect with our Ambassador program state and federal updates and action opportunities. All calls are recorded and archived, so if you miss a call, you can always tune in later.

Advocate Webinar Series

Get Ready to Rock and Enroll

Our October advocate webinar is focused on unlocking the secrets of your health plan. Watch the webinar to hear from experts like Heidi Barrett, arthritis patient, parent, & Platinum Ambassador from Washington, and Arthritis Foundation staff Nick Turkas and Vincent Pacileo. During the webinar, you'll learn about the enrollment deadlines, what to expect during open enrollment, and how to quickly find the resources you need in the Your Coverage, Your Care toolkit. Watch the recording.

Unlocking the Secrets to Your Health Plan

It's open enrollment season and the Arthritis Foundation is here to help! Learn about tips and tricks for success during enrollment from experts like Kyle Romanat of Health Market Genius and the Arthritis Foundation's own Help and Support Director, Nick Turkas. During the webinar, you'll learn about what to expect during open enrollment, and how to quickly find the resources you need to rock and enroll this season. Watch the recording.

Acting with Impact

Watch this recording of our August Acting with Impact webinar to take a deep dive into the Arthritis Foundation's Action Center and identify ways that you can maximize your impact online. We're excited to showcase the ways that you can get involved in as little as 5 minutes to share your story and make a difference. Watch the video.

10 Things You Should Know to Manage Your Care Costs

Preparing for Open Enrollment this fall? Get started with this video increase your knowledge about health insurance, medical billing and financial tools. Learn more!

#StrongerthanJA Advocate Webinar

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, dedicated to making everyone aware that kids get arthritis, too! While a lot of progress has been made in treating it, there’s still a lot more to do to get to the bottom of this painful and debilitating disorder. This month, help spread awareness about the 300,000 kids nationwide who suffer from JA and celebrate their bravery, strength, and determination as mighty JA Warriors! Take action by watching the video of our #StrongerthanJA Advocate Webinar where we will discuss ways that you can #AdvocateforArthritis to help address pressing concerns for kids with JA. Click here to watch.

Accumulators and You!

In this Advocate Webinar, we discuss a new policy many pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are using called accumulator adjustment programs, which could especially impact people in high deductible health plans. These are relatively new policies that some pharmacy benefit managers and insurers are using to change how patients meet their annual deductible. During the webinar, you will learn about our campaign to educate patients and arm them with the resources they need to navigate these new policies. Watch the video.

Sharing Your Story to Make a Difference | Fundraising & Advocacy

In this Advocate webinar, we highlighted how you can use the skills you have as Advocates to fundraise for a cure.  Kelby Peachey, Chair of the National Walk to Cure Arthritis Committee and Platinum Ambassador joins us to provide her tips for building a strong advocacy and fundraising toolkit. We also introduce an opportunity to share your story on social media to help amplify the voice of our Platinum Ambassador Assembly attendees. Watch to learn more!

Stepping Toward Step Therapy Reform

HR 2077, the Restoring the Patient's Voice Act, was introduced by Representatives Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) and Raul Ruiz (D-CA) to reform step therapy. The bill protect patients by establishing a clear and expedited exceptions process to minimize patient burden and avoid delays in care. Listen to learn more about the bill and how you can take action!

Ambassador Briefings

New Ambassador Orientation

Welcome to the Ambassador Program. As a member of this grassroots program, you will receive a monthly newsletter, participate in a webinar every other month, and most importantly have a new platform to share your story. Watch this recording to learn the basics that will set you up for success as an Arthritis Foundation Ambassador.

September 2018

Watch our final Ambassador briefing of the 2017-2018 Ambassador Year. We will look back at what we accomplished together this year, and review what to expect as we spring into a new year! Watch the video.

July 2018

During this Ambassador briefing, we'll give you an update on our State and Federal work, give you a brief lesson on how to amplify your impact during August Recess and discuss the Ambassador Activities for this month. Click here to catch up!

June 2018

This month's webinar featured special guest speaker, Kerry Wong, who shared her amazing tips and tricks for success in in-district visits with members of Congress. Kerry is both a Platinum Ambassador and the Vice Chair of the New York Advocacy Committee. She shared her key best practices for civic engagement success to help Advocates prepare for August Recess. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to get the inside scoop on in-district legislator meetings. Watch the video!

May 2018

During this Ambassador briefing, we'll give you an update on our State and Federal work, give you a brief lesson on how to maximize your impact in our Action Center, and discuss the Ambassador Activities for this month. Watch the video.

January 2018

Get an update on our state and federal work along with your action opportunities for the month. Watch the video!

November 2017 Briefing

Watch the recording of our November Ambassador Briefing to join us in celebrating our 49 Platinum Ambassadors for 2017. During the briefing, we discussed our federal and state work plans, our upcoming Platinum Ambassador Assembly (March 12-13) and our November and December Ambassador Activities. Watch the recording.

Webinar Archive

State Capitol Days: What to Expect

Join the Advocacy and Access team for a closer look at State Capitol Days. You'll learn what to expect when you attend an event and how you can get involved! Watch the recording.

State Law Implementation

During this video, we explain our new campaign to promote new patient protections that have gone into effect this year. You’ll get a sneak peak of our plans to increase awareness and how this will be a part of our access-to-care movement. After the video you can take action by participating in our new story banking initiative! Watch the video.

Advocacy Committee Training

In this training video, advocacy committee members will learn more about committees, basic expectations, strategies, FAQ’s as well as an overview of our state and federal advocacy priorities. Watch the video!

Prior Authorization in Ohio

In this webinar, we discuss the new protections for Ohioans facing prior authorization. Megan Faust, 2017 Platinum Ambassador and JA mom shares her family's experience with prior authorization. Tim Maglione, of the Ohio State Medical Association then takes a deep dive into the new law's implementation and what patients should expect. Watch the recording.

Open Enrollment: What You Need To Know

It’s open enrollment - which means it's time to select your health care! Watch this recording to learn the tips and tricks that will make your 2018 enrollment a breeze. 

Legislation Across the Nation

Listen to our update on our 2017 state legislative victories and a preview of what's coming up in 2018! Thanks to your hard work in sharing your stories, we have broken down barriers to care across the nation. Join us for a look back on how far we have come in advocating for arthritis, helping to secure 16 legislative victories to date this year alone, and what it means for the road ahead. Watch the recording.

Juvenile Arthritis and Its Impact

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month! Watch our July Advocate Webinar Series event on JA advocacy. This webinar featured guest speakers Maria Floyd of the Ambassador program and Lily Byrne of the Junior Ambassador program. They shared their arthritis stories and talk about how advocacy has played a role in their lives. We also discussed the Juvenile Arthritis Conference and ways to get involved in JA advocacy from home. Watch the recording.

Health Care Reform and What It Means for You

In this Special Edition of our Advocate Webinar Series, the Arthritis Foundation and the American College of Rheumatology join forces to discuss health care reform, where we are now, what to expect, and the impact of these bills on the arthritis community. Watch the recording.

Recruiting At Local Events

Join the Advocacy and Access team and Platinum Ambassador Heidi Barrett to learn the best tactics for recruiting new Advocates and Ambassadors in your local communities! Watch the recording.

The Power of Social Media

Join the Advocacy and Access team and Ambassador Anna Legassie for a lesson on the Power of Social Media! Watch the recording.