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2016 Annual Report: Confronting Challenges, Getting Results

2016 Annual Report

In 2016, the Arthritis Foundation achieved many memorable milestones to mark our ongoing journey toward curing arthritis. Fueled by generous volunteers, donors, partners and staff, we built upon our rich history – taking on the tough issues as Champions of Yes, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges people with arthritis encounter, fine-tuning our strategies and measuring our impact. As we continue getting closer to a cure every day, reflect with us on how far we’ve come.

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2015 Making an Impact Nationwide

2015 Arthritis Foundation

In 2015, the Arthritis Foundation created a Champion of Yes culture, inside and outside our organization. It was a landmark year that has already become part of our rich history during seven decades of remarkable experience. We continue to build on that legacy with pride every day. Join us in a quick look back at the impact and progress we made together in our annual report – Year of Yes – including key highlights, a financial summary and recognition of our generous donors, volunteers and sponsors.

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2014 Transforming Our Future

2014 Annual Report

In 2014, the Arthritis Foundation underwent a major cultural transformation. It was a terrific year of transition, and a journey of growth that sowed the seeds for extraordinary results.

We’re proud to present a snapshot of those changes in this annual report – The Story of Yes – along with our financial summary, key highlights of the year and recognition of our generous donors, volunteers and sponsors.

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2013 Leading the Way

When the Arthritis Foundation’s work began almost 70 years ago, the world was very different. Medical technology was in its infancy. The first MRI scans were decades away. Computers occupied entire rooms, and the Internet didn’t yet exist. Vast amounts of research data couldn’t be instantly collected, analyzed and interpreted. In 1948, 7 million people were diagnosed with arthritis. Today, that number has skyrocketed to more than 50 million, including 300,000 children – and it’s growing.
Times have changed and the Arthritis Foundation has changed with them. For nearly seven decades, we’ve been leading the way for people with arthritis and related conditions. Read about some of our recent accomplishments and see what’s taking shape for the near future.

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2012 Faces of Arthritis

When we think of “faces of arthritis,” the fit thing that comes to mind are the diverse faces of people who live with the disease. You already know that arthritis does not discriminate by age, color, gender, socioeconomic class or any other dividing line. But that’s only part of the story. There are also faces of arthritis research. Of policy and advocacy. The faces of public health and consumer outreach. All of these are the faces of arthritis — and in order for us to succeed in our mission to find new, more effective treatments and ultimately a cure for this disease in all its many forms, we must think of them together.

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2011 Voices of Arthritis

The Voices of Arthritis. That's what the Arthritis Foundation is about. We are the organization that represents people in this country who live with arthritis every day. Arthritis has hundreds of millions of voices. Fifty million people have the disease, and it also affects their families and friends. Throughout the pages of this report, we hope you'll identify with some of them.

These voices represent the myriad stories of arthritis — whether expressed through speech or thoughtful action. As you read these stories, we hope you will agree that thanks to the support of people like you, better outcomes for people with this disease are within our reach. Your continued support will help us achieve them.

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2010 Transformation

2010 was a transformative year for the Arthritis Foundation, thanks to new initiatives to improve our power to communicate, advocate and conduct research to fight the devastating effects of arthritis. It was the year we crafted a new strategic plan, which promises to transform how society perceives and responds to arthritis, as well as reduce physical activity limitations by 20 percent over the next 20 years. We are prepared to achieve this goal through the many contributions of committed doctors, scientists, advocates, donors and other supporters.

As you read this year's report, we hope you will notice the phrase "arthritis is unacceptable" in several places. Not only does 13-year-old Zach Jamison say it, but the facts and figures surrounding health disparities among minorities also speak loud and clear. Because the fallacy that arthritis is "only an inconvenience" is so widespread, assertively conveying that "arthritis is unacceptable" rises to the top of our strategic plan.

Arthritis is serious. It is debilitating. It is painful. That's why the Arthritis Foundation exists.

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