Wrist, Hand & Finger Pain

Hand and Wrist Anatomy

The hand and wrist are made up of many different bones, muscles and ligaments that enable a wide range of movements. Read More >>

Wrist, Hand & Finger Pain Causes

If you have pain the hand, understand potential causes of hand or wrist pain including arthritis, injury or other conditions. Read More >>

Wrist & Hand Pain Diagnosis

If you have wrist and hand pain, learn what steps your doctor may take to provide you with a diagnosis of arthritis or other condition. Read More >>

Wrist, Hand & Finger Care

Learn how to care for your hand and wrist - including the fingers and thumb. Find out how you can prevent pain and maintain your daily activities. Read More >>

Wrist, Hand & Finger Pain Treatment

Get relief for hand or wrist pain. Discover your treatment options for hands, wrists, and fingers including medications and surgery to ease your pain. Read More >>