Hip Pain

Anatomy of the Hip

Femur is the a ball-shaped piece of bone located at the top of your thigh bone & acetabulum is a socket in your pelvis into which the femoral head fits. Read More >>

Hip Pain Causes

What causes hip pain? If you've got pain in your hip, discover potential culprits including arthritis, injury or other conditions. Read More >>

Hip Pain Diagnosis

If you have hip problems that you think may be arthritis, learn what a doctor will consider to provide a diagnosis that will relieve your hip pain. Read More >>

Hip Pain Treatment

Wondering how to relieve hip pain - even severe hip pain? Get the latest treatment information from medication to surgery and exercises to ease your pain. Read More >>

Hip Care

If you're experiencing pain in the hip bone or have arthritis in your hips, find out how to provide proper care and prevent pain. Read More >>