Breaking the Pain Chain®
Breaking the Pain Chain®
Treating Pain

Treating Pain

You can manage your pain and minimize the many effects pain can have on your life. It’s important to target many links in the pain chain, from the disease itself to your sleep, diet and stress levels. You may need to try several different treatments as you develop your personalized pain management plan.

Your approach to arthritis pain management may include some or all of the following treatment options:

Medications to Treat Arthritis

To successfully manage your pain, you need to treat your underlying arthritis or related disease.

Medications to Treat Pain

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines are available to treat your pain and other symptoms that contribute to your pain.

Natural Therapies

From dietary supplements to acupuncture to yoga, there are many complementary and alternative pain relief options that can augment your medication regimen.

Physical Therapies and Assistive Devices

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, braces and self-help devices can help protect your joints and ease pain.

Lifestyle Modifications

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, moving your body regularly and eating nutritious, anti-inflammatory foods can help ease your arthritis pain.


In some cases, joints are so badly damaged by arthritis that surgery becomes necessary as a final remaining option to relieve pain and restore function.

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