Breaking the Pain Chain®
Breaking the Pain Chain®
Your Pain Management Plan

Developing Your Pain Management Plan

Your pain is unique to you. Nobody experiences pain quite the way you do. You need a personalized health-care team and pain management plan to combat your arthritis or arthritis-related condition and the pain that accompanies it.

To be able to develop that comprehensive plan, you’re going to need to be able to talk with your health-care team to describe your pain, your needs and your expectations. Then you’ll need to combine the right elements and follow the plan.

This section of Breaking the Arthritis Pain Chain is where everything you’ve learned in the other sections comes together. We give you the tools you need to work with your doctor and healthcare team to develop and implement a complete pain management plan.

Building Your Healthcare Team

Finding the right doctor or health-care provider is a crucial step in managing your arthritis and your pain.

Doctor-Patient Communication

Talking with and listening to your doctors is essential for you to get the best treatment plan for your unique pain experience.

Developing Your Pain Plan

Use these tips and tools to develop a comprehensive pain management plan personalized to your needs.

Pain Diary

Keep track of your pain over time using this printable diary, and share it with your doctor at your next appointment.

Types of Health-Care Professionals (PDF)

These descriptions of health professionals who could be involved in your care plan will help you put a team in place.

Pain Questionnaire (PDF)

Fill out this printable document to help you and your doctor quantify and qualify your pain.

Pain Management Plan Template (PDF)

Pull all your learnings together, and use this template to develop your pain management plan.

Pain Management Plan Ideas (PDF)

A little stumped on how to complete your plan template? Here are some ideas.

Post-Test (PDF)

Now that you’ve learned about pain and created your own pain management plan, print and complete this short quiz to see how your confidence to manage pain has grown since the beginning of this process.