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Your Coverage & Care
Paying for Care

Paying for Care Resources

These resources and contact information will help you to be proactive about managing cost and find financial assistance for medical care. You’ll also learn about the Arthritis Foundation’s advocacy efforts for insurance and medication coverage reform.

10 Steps for Managing the Cost of Arthritis Care

Learn ways to get organized, be proactive, manage paperwork, work with your health care team, and get financial help that can save you money and reduce your tax bill.

Simple Questions That Can Reduce the Cost of Arthritis Care

Learn how your doctor and the office staff, as well as your pharmacist, can help you manage costs.

Reduce the Cost of Arthritis Care With These Financial Tools

The details of your health plan have the greatest impact on your arthritis care expenses. However, these financial tools may help you to pay out-of-pocket expenses and reduce your tax burden.

Consumer Assistance Programs

Many states offer help to consumers with health insurance problems.

Financial Assistance Programs

The Arthritis Foundation has gathered important information on patient assistance programs provided by the government, non-profit and corporate sources.

Find Your State Department of Insurance

Get contact information for your state department of insurance.

Medicare National Coverage Determinations Manual 2016 (PDF)

This document provides examples of specific medical items, services, treatment procedures, or technologies that Medicare covers.

Getting Access to Arthritis Care: What Your Elected Officials – and You Can Do

Learn ways to connect with elected officials and find state and federal resources that can help improve your access and reduce the cost of arthritis care.

Help the Arthritis Foundation Fight for Insurance and Drug Coverage Reform

People with arthritis face unique barriers to care: high costs of treatment, difficulty accessing medications, scarcity of specialists and coinsurance that limits access to treatment. Join the Arthritis Foundation’s advocacy efforts.

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