Avery’s Story 

Inspired to help kids just like her, Avery planned a bake sale to help raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation. Her vision helped raise enough money to support programs and camps for kids with JA. 

Avery was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis (JA) at the age of 3.  But when she watched the first episode of “Kids Baking Championship” and heard contestant and fellow JA Warrior Paige talk about giving back, she knew she wanted to do the same.  A week later, she had an idea. She was going bake and raise money.   


The owner of a local downtown restaurant heard Avery’s idea and agreed to have the bake sale at her restaurant. She planned it for spring break, and so Avery began to bake a little each day without totally exhausting herself.  Family and friends offered to help bake. They came together at Southern Fried Restaurant on a Saturday to support Avery. She raised $1,313 from her bake sale and her hard work paid off.   


“We are grateful for the restaurant owner who allowed us to have the bake sale,” says Avery. Her family and friends helped bake and supported Avery’s passion to support the Arthritis Foundation and all they do for kids with JA.