Ruthie’s Story 

As a toddler, Ruthie won’t remember life before her juvenile idiopathic arthritis diagnosis. After struggling to walk, Ruthie’s family is happy to see her being active again. 

At 2, Ruthie is learning what it’s like to live with juvenile arthritis (JA). Diagnosed just six months with JA, she’s thankful her treatment is working. Her diagnosis came after she struggled to walk and had stiffness in her knee and swelling in her finger. Ruthie has worked hard in physical therapy to build back strength in her leg, and now she is able to keep up with her big brother with no problem. 

Ruthie loves talking, books and playing. Her beloved babysitter, Anna, also has arthritis and has been a wonderful example of how to live a full life while helping others in the JA community. 

Even though Ruthie hasn’t been around many strangers, she enjoys visiting her doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina. They have taken excellent care of Ruthie and encouraged her family to learn more about JA.