Abby’s Story 

Diagnosed with arthritis as a toddler, Abby was able to manage her disease for several years. But at 9, she began experiencing new symptoms and is focusing on finding a new treatment plan. 

At 19 months old, Abby Ferraro began walking with a limp and having difficulty standing. After a month of doctor appointments, she was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). She started anti-inflammatory medications, underwent physical therapy and received a knee aspiration and steroid injections. Abby went into remission seven months later. 

 Over the years, she had minor flares, but her arthritis was kept under control. After attending the JA Conference, she learned that other kids aren’t as fortunate as her and became interested in becoming an advocate and fundraising through her Walk to Cure Arthritis team. 

 In 2017, Abby developed uveitis. Though it responded quickly to steroid eye drops, the disease would flare as soon as the drops stopped. In 2018, Abby had another flare that resulted in tendonitis in her foot and ankle. Anti-inflammatories now caused her severe abdominal pains. In 2018, Abby was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and started an immunosuppressive drug. It was then that she realized she always had underlying pain that she thought was normal until it went away. 

 Today, Abby is 9 years old and remains joyful and positive. Now an accomplished author, Abby knows that everybody has something and reminds herself when she feels bad that tomorrow will be a better day.