Emma's Story

Emma’s juvenile arthritis diagnosis came as a shock. While the disease sidelined her for a bit, her new treatment plan is helping with the pain, and she’s ready to say Yes to childhood. 

Emma is an active and inspiring 13-year-old. She was diagnosed with polyarticular juvenile arthritis (JA) last year after she began to have pain in her hand and swelling in her ankle. Over the coming months, she began to have increased pain, inflammation, low energy, stiffness and fever. After being treated for tendinitis in her foot for several weeks with no improvement, her doctors became suspicious that there may be another issue. Emma had multiple blood tests, an MRI and an ultrasound. The combination of these tests confirmed Emma had juvenile arthritis. 
Prior to her diagnosis, Emma was very active with her competitive swim team and weekly piano lessons. She loved riding her bike and playing basketball. Before her treatment began, Emma did not have the ability to enjoy these activities. Thankfully, with the help of her pediatric rheumatologist, she is slowly beginning to get back to the things she loves.